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With E-Commerce Background

Video Producer & Editor

To create video content today, you need ideas and recognition from your audience more than technical skills.
The exciting combination of marketing, innovation, and editing awaits you.


Abbas Malek Hosseini

Abbas has worked as a video editor and producer for three years. My experience includes cutting frames, Multi-Camera editing, colour grading, fixing sound quality, Green screen removing, Online course editing, Instagram and social media video editing, short documentary editing, writing scripts, and creating sound effects.

Over the years, I have worked in IT roles, including E-Commerce management, Project management, social media management, and support management. Eventually, I became more inspired by video and creativity, so I changed my career direction. I began working in video production by opening a studio in Tehran and contracting with some friends and clients remotely. The ability to work remotely should not be a problem for me.

Since I have worked with E-Commerce and Online solutions for a long time and have merged my skills with Video Production, I can help your marketing team start your online campaign and move forward with your marketing strategies.

In this case, I am seeking employment with international companies and plan to work remotely or relocate.

Processes and methods


Whenever I produce or edit a video, I start by writing a scenario based on the video's goals. If there are no assets, you need to figure out what type of material and production the client needs to complete the project. Some options include using stock video footage on the internet, making a video from scratch, or hiring a stop motion technician. As the budget controller, it is my responsibility to pick out the most appropriate budget for a particular project.

I will use my skills in editing video and cinematography to meet the requirements of the job and the project.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Audition

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Adobe After Effect

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Illustrator

Other Applications Skills: Adobe Media Encoder, Canva, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Slack, Youtube Studio, VN Editor, FiLMic Pro, Apple Motion, iMovie.


Mastering Final Cut Pro

Coursera Certificate of Abbas Malek Hosseini Final Cut Pro
41 Hours Course for Final Cut Pro and editing 360 Degree Videos - See credential

Become a Video Editor

Abbas Malek Hosseini Become a Video Editor Certificate
23 Hours Course for Premiere Pro and mastering in video edit - See credential

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Abbas Malek Hosseini Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate
40 Hours Course for Fundamental of Digital Marketing, Internet Business, and E-Commerce - See credential Code: DAB 7FW WAE

More than 20 other Certificates include “Mastering the Premiere Pro 2020, Advanced Motion Graphic, Audio Techniques for Film, After Effect 2022, Photoshop for Video Editor, Premiere Pro Professional Trimming, Foundation of Editing, and History of Video editing“, passed and checked on Linkedin Certificates Page.

Business Skills: Video Editing, Social Media, E-Commerce Consulting, Marketing, Public Relation, SEO, Brand Development, User Experience, Project Management, Video Post-Production, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Negotiation, Agile Scrum, Leadership, Media Production.


Video Productions

A-frame by frame, decibel by decibel, show what you've done and achieved!

You have a great idea, and I will show you how it ought to be. I will write a scenario to display your product and services, then I will shoot and edit the video to create a broadcast.

Commercial Ad

An advertisement for a nut company and a client’s wish should not take more than a minute. Two documentaries, a few introduction videos, and Instagram stories were used to create this. 

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Sholevar Travel Video

To honor the memory of the trip to see the Tomb of Mowlana Rumi in Konya. Every video was created by me, including underwater shots. From 140 clips, I chose the best ones and wrote a scenario. After that, I reduced the handshakes, synchronized with bits, and colored them. 

Play Video about موزیک ویدئو شعله ور
Keyframes and design

Motion Graphics

Apple Memojies Technique

To make a short motion animation for the festival poster, I used the Apple Memojies effect. 

At the end of the video, the viewer on Instagram took a screenshot from a random book and purchased it at a discount of fifty percent.

More than 40% of the viewers were engaged and viewed for quite some time.

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Logo Motions

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Media and Campaign

News Report

Scenario, Edit from Online Sources

There were reports of nurses committing suicide in Iranian hospitals. I created a scenario with the help of Salamatnews’ chief editor. We start with some news about the topic, then we publish a witness’s voice, and finally, we show some documents from the resident’s contracts. 

Because the narrator’s voice was so engaging, I used more dramatic effects and never used music. The video was broadcast by many Persian news agencies and was shared on social media.

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Book Fair campaign

One of Iran’s top ten book publishers in the field of general books is Nasle NowAndish. There needs to be a big announcement and public advertising for the last Tehran International Book Fair before COVID. 

I begin with a video of the heart sound effect and then show the staff, and at the end the lady invites people to the Newandish publisher’s location to get discounts. We ran a campaign on social media, news reports, Google ads, and this video was the first.

Within a week of the fair, I produced 20 videos, including video reports, interviews with authors, translators, and celebrities, and information about upcoming and popular titles. 

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No limits on location

Removing Green Screen

Tedex Confrence of Isfahan

Creating a video for the TEDx University of Isfahan Conference in April 2021. Dr Mojtaba Nikpour discusses the psychology behind diet and weight loss in his methods.

Because of Covid, it is impossible to move to another city and make the video on an empty stage. The video was created using the green screen, and then we added a suitable contrast background to it. 

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An old film gets a new look

Old Movie Restoration

Fix Quality

I Restoration the movie “Legend of Siavush” direct by Boris Kimyagarov, 1976, Soviet Union, Tajikistan Republic. This movie is about Siavash, one of the primary and essential characters of Shahname, The epic book by Ferdowsi.

I grew up with this movie. Almost 200 times watched since eight years old until now! Great advice in the film, and the original story was better than any school lesson to me.
I remastered it to give a chance to Iranian people and young kids to watch this movie after four decades.

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Voluntary service

Volunteering is something that I enjoy. A brand-new experience with new people is always excellent, and I am always open to volunteer work related to my skills.

Many of my videos and photos are freely available on Pexels and Unsplash. In addition, I was a member of the Twitter Persian translation team.


Innovating and seeking new ideas


As if it were my project

Up to date

Utilize the newest features and systems


Working on Scrum methods


My words are my actions


24 hour response and daily reports


Our Friends

Once you do an excellent job for your customers, they'll be your friends forever!

" Thank you Abbas for your great support! I am glad that you took care of my websites so that they run optimally again. I'm also very happy with the videos for my online course, thanks for editing!

Working with you is straightforward, the way I like it. Thanks! "

Natascha Zeller
🇨🇭 Swissian Life Coach

" In August 2019, I held in Portugal a photographic exhibition showing my remarkable trip to Iran. More than showing my professional portfolio, the aim for this exhibition was to spread a positive message regarding many misconceptions about this country. I could not have found a better partner to bring this idea to life.

From the very first moment, Abbas brought his sympathy, honesty and knowledge to this project. He not only contributed with some of his personal photos, but also used his online marketing skills to reach larger audiences and involve local community.

He was a major key to create one printed flag composed by more than two hundred pictures of happy travelers in Iran, a symbol of local hospitality and kindness.

The exhibition was a huge success and I will be forever thankful to Abbas for his friendship, trustworthy personality and permanent professional approach. "

Joao Pedro Pinto
🇵🇹 Imaginario | Portuguese Photographer

" I worked with Abbas on a client's video, recorded on a green screen. Abbas skillfully removed that and added the right background. He also improved the voice quality significantly in addition to the color corrections he made (made the video pop pretty nicely!)

Abbas was reliable, flexible and very punctual. I can't recommend him enough."

Behrouz Jafarnejad
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Perspective IX | Newsletter author in Manchester
3 hours consultation free of charge


    • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Apple Final Cut Pro x
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Audition
    • Adobe After Effect
    • VideoLeap (Mobile and Tablet)
    • VN Editor (Mobile and Tablet)

    No, Here is selection of my works. 

    • You can check other works in my Instagram. @AbbasMHosseini
    • and Some other on my Youtube Portfolio playlist. [LINK]

    Also There is some works that I don’t have permit to publish them such as Online course edit, 360 Degree video edit and a video for Philipp Katler conference. 

    Wire Payment with IBAN is the easiest way. I have Euro account on Belgium and Turkey. Also you can use Transfer Wise for payment without any fee.

    If you consider, We can have out contract in UpWork and pay throw there. 

    I only need to know your work and company have legal activity. 

    For Volunteer companies and agencies a contract is enough.

    I usually do remote edit but if you looking for hire editor in your office, my hands are open to negotiate. 

    I have a podcast called “Travel to Iran“. For travelers to Iran, that is in English and has everything about the country. 

    Also I made more podcast and sound edits for clients. 


    Usually clients want a video edit for their service and product to promote that on Internet. An video editor is so familiar with Online shopping and internet marketing can make a show so perfect. 

    In Nasle NowAndish Book Publisher:

    According to WIKIPEDIA:

    Souzian, is old name of Khouzestan province. As the Iranian province with the oldest history, it is often referred to as the “birthplace of the nation”, as this is where the history of the Elamites began. Historically, one of the most important regions of the Ancient Near East, Khuzestan is what historians refer to as ancient Elam, whose capital was in Susa.

    The Achaemenid Old Persian term for Elam was Hujiyā when they conquered it from the Elamites, which is present in the modern name. Khuzestan, meaning “the Land of the Khuz”, refers to the original inhabitants of this province, the “Susian” people (Old Persian “Huza” or Huja, as in the inscription at the tomb of Darius the Great at Naqsh-e Rostam). They are the Shushan of the Hebrew sources where they are recorded as “Hauja” or “Huja”. In Middle Persian, the term evolves into “Khuz” and “Kuzi”. The pre-Islamic Partho-Sasanian inscriptions gives the name of the province as Khwuzestan.

    The name Khuzestan means “The Land of the Khuzi”, and refers to the original inhabitants of this province, the “Susian” people (Old Persian “Huza”, Middle Persian “Khuzi” or “Husa”

    PS. The main picture is Chogha Zanbil Zigurrat.

    The ziggurat is considered to be the best preserved example of the stepped pyramidal monument by UNESCO. In 1979, Chogha Zanbil became the first Iranian site to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.