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Video Productions

Frame by Frame, decibel by decibel, shows your experience and work!

You have so Pleasant sound, and we show as it deserves. We write a scenario to display your product and service, then shoot and edit for broadcasting to break the internet!

Video Story

First of all, I am looking for a scenario. I focus on clients’ requests and find the critical point of their needs. Then choose the form of video, after that start shooting and at the end, We will edit.
Sometimes I only have raw footage without any storyline, so that The Scenario would be essential.

Here You will see the different types of projects I did. I don’t have limits for any Editing except Hollywoodical VFX effects!

We Used these applications:

  • Final Cut Pro X (Essential)
  • Apple Motion
  • Adobe After Effect
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (on request)
  • Adobe Audition
  • VideoLeap
  • FilMic pro
Coursera Certificate of Abbas Malek Hosseini Final Cut Pro
The Certificate of Abbas Malek Hosseini for Final Cut Pro App - See credential

Contact via:

Email: | Whatsapp: +98-937-7452425 | Instagram: @AbbasMHosseini


Featured video: In memory of Travel to see Konya, Tomb of Mowlana Rumi

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Nasle NowAndish Book Publisher

Record, Scenario, Edit, and Broadcasting

Nasle NowAndish Book Publisher is our first client. We made more than 60 videos of different types for them. The focus was on introducing books and Festivals.

How to became Translator, Recorded In Studio

Reading The Art of Creative Thinking in Studio

Yalda Festival Ad

Interview with Dr Ahmad Roosta

Use Apple memojies to create Festival ad

Ad Promotion for Book Fair of Tehran

Tedex Confrence of Isfahan

Producing a video for TEDx University of Isfahan Conference in April 2021. Dr Mojtaba Nikpour has ideas for diet and weight loss based on psychology. We have to wait to publish it by TedX.


Atarodvar Cultural Videos

Atarod is the Persian name of Mercury; so, Atarodvar (Persian: عطاردوار) mean “Mercury-like”. I’ve loved and followed fact-checking for as long as I can remember.

If you have participated in one of my tours, you might know how I’m used to explaining things by simplifying them and telling you the facts and stories. ‏

Even telling fiction, I’m just a storyteller, and you may never feel I’m pushing you to believe it! ‏Mercury is the symbol of knowledge and fact-checking in Persian literature and Sufism culture. I’ve chosen this as my nickname, looking for learning and exploration, just like Atarod — Mercury‌

Restoration Old Movie

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The Birthday Video for Shoeib Abdolhassani

before and after Restoration

Old video from Bisheh Waterfall

Interview with Shoeib Abolhassani

Motion Graphic & Other Videos

Some old works and simple motion design for friends and other video productions for clients

Atarodvar logo Motion

Mahkamism Logo Motion

iKelk Publisher Logo Motion

10 Years ago, One of the first Edits

News Report for Salamatnews Media and Animations

Delkoh Logo Motion

Introduce new page of Free Tehran Tour

Another Old Edit for Ahmad Shamlou

Free Videos

I share many free videos on the Pexels account. Some creators used them for free in their videos and documentaries. 

Watch and Download them from Pixels